How to stay focused on generating new business

Clients shout louder than leads.

They demand your attention. They’re like your best friend – they want to spend time with you and hang out.

Now it’s critical you give them great service and grow your relationship with them. I love mine – especially those reading this… let’s grab lunch!

The problem is, leads and new business don’t demand attention – your next great client probably isn’t beating your door down, you have to go out and find them.

Your challenge will be that for you and your team, spending time on existing clients is comfortable. But approaching new business, with the hard graft of pitching and winning business, plus the possibility of rejection, isn’t.

If you want your business to grow, you need to push through your comfort zone and make dedicating time to generating new business non-negotiable.  

Here’s how to make sure you and your team do this:

Step 1: Start with mindset. Focus on why it matters to grow and the pay-off for you, them and the business. Then focus on the process and acknowledge this involves some rejection and failed attempts, but that these are part of winning new business.

Step 2: Carve out specific diary time for you and your team to focus on new business. Make this diary time non-negotiable. Everyone involved must see it as a priority – just as you would an important client meeting. Doing this with a ‘buddy system’ or as a team can really help.

Step 3: Fall in love with the process of winning new clients and work on it. Confidence and competence come from repetition and working on what you do. Doing this brings winning new business into your comfort zone and makes it easier and more enjoyable to do.

Step 4: Reward yourself and your team after new business development time. This can simply be with praise, or with something more concrete, such as a team lunch or drinks. Reward the effort, don’t wait for the successful outcome, this will make this less of a ‘big deal’ to approach new clients and help it become an automatic habit.

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