Do you suffer stress from work problems?

Do unresolved issues with staff or clients come unbidden into your head when you’re away from work?

Stress and anxiety from work can affect your sleep, your ability to be present with family and friends and ruin your enjoyment of work.

Here’s a simple tip that I’ve used with people like you that can be a massive help…

When the source of your stress comes up, ask yourself ‘what needs to happen next?’, and answer this question with ONE thing. This is the next action you can take, in your control, to help the problem.

Decide when this action will happen, as soon as possible in working hours, and commit to it.

If you’re unsure of what to do next and feel stuck, the next action should be to find the resources to help you move forward. So, decide what next step would help most. For example, who should you talk to, what information should you get, and so on.

This technique works because stress or anxiety happens when our brains don’t have certainty about an outcome – they have an open loop. They’re worried that the outcome could be bad for us, and so they try to get us an answer to protect us from the ‘threat’.

While your brain has an open loop, it’ll keep demanding an answer and keep bringing the problem back.

By answering ‘what needs to happen next?’ you don’t fix the entire problem, but you do stop the overwhelm by closing the loop.

If the thought comes back, direct your brain to the decision you made earlier – your next step. Then it has an answer and will let you get back to your leisure time.

Need some help?

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