The 7 sins of corporates… Are you guilty?

I spent 15 years out of corporate life, building my own business. On returning to share my experiences and help businesses grow, I’ve seen the same deadly mistakes repeated time and again.

Which of these are you guilty of?

1.Losing bottom line focus. Regardless of what else is going on, producing profit is the point of the enterprise. Losing focus on this is like a car mechanic cleaning the car inside and out but forgetting to check the engine.

2. Talking too much about your latest product or service. Instead, talk about the value you create for clients and the outcomes you generate.

3. Asking for proactivity without empowerment. Every leader wants their team to act proactively, but too many don’t empower people to make mistakes and grow.

4. Telling not coaching. High performance isn’t driven by telling people the answer, but by coaching them to find the solution.

5. Siloing knowledge and talent. Mentoring and knowledge sharing are some of the easiest sources of fast growth, but it’s often non-existent in big businesses.

6. Fun deficit. This isn’t about Mix & Mingle Fridays, it’s about the fun that comes from the challenge of work and progress. In too many corporates the fun of the challenge is lost in the daily grind.

7. Herman Miller chair deficit. I’ve had enough of going to your offices and coming out with back pain… and your team probably have too. Buy everyone a quality chair and watch productivity soar!


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