Why you should join the conversation in your prospect’s head

Imagine you’re standing at a bar and the ideal prospect for your service orders a drink.

He says to the barman, “Make it a double anything.”

“Crikey, that bad?” says the barman.

Then your prospect starts to vent about a problem in the area you help people in.

He rants on about what his frustrations are, how he wants to move forward, what he needs to happen and what’s getting in his way.

Imagine what he’d say…

This is a tip from legendary copywriter John Carlton, and it’s spot on. Because to attract new business you need to join the conversation your prospect is already having in their head.

In every pitch you deliver, and in every conversation you have with your prospects and clients, you need to get to the heart of what their pain points are and show you understand and can deliver their outcomes.

Don’t focus on the features of your product or service, instead explain how it’s going to improve their situation.

And don’t assume it’s always related to revenue. If you do, you’re massively underestimating the value people put on the removal of pain – whether it’s the removal of stress, the freeing up of time or just giving them peace of mind that things are getting done.

Paint a picture of their dream outcome. Then maybe your prospect will be buying you the drink next time.


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